Yes. Make-overs are one of the best ways to refresh your online presence. But Artist Web first needs to examine the existing website to get estimates on fees. Fees will depends on branding of the website, amount of contents, and any other features that need to be implemented.

Artist Web currently does not provide this support with any website package, consider purchasing a Training Session to learn about how best to edit your own images or pay additional fees.

Think of purchasing a domain as purchasing real estate. The “Domain” is a plot of land that visitors see and a URL is the address of your ‘land.’ “Website” is a house that you ‘build,’ and web contents is ‘furniture’ you organize.
Think of a hosting server as your property management company. A hosting server manages your “domain” and make sure your domain are protected from malware or hackers.

Wordpress is an established website builder platform. Think of it as a well known construction company. Wordpress features flexible website building allowing Artist Web to tailor your website to your specific ideas.