Website for Creative Mind

  • Step 1 – Domain Research

    Your domain should be simple!

    Decide your desired domain name (e.g. To check its availability, simply type the domain in your web browser's URL bar and check if it is used or taken.

  • Step 2 – Web Contents Delivery

    Bio, Photos, and Description

    This is the most important and crucial part of website building.

  • Step 3 – Website Design

    Draft and Final should take 2 weeks to turn around

    Color Scheme, Fonts, Overall Branding decisions to make including Logo design.

Look No Further

Why choose Artistweb? Artistweb’s package plans vary and cater individuals to fit current career needs as well as future plans.


Artistweb provides website design services for artists and individuals who are looking for online presence. We are here to support emerging and starting artists who need an online presence. We use professionally licensed themes that are user-friendly.


Artistweb is conscious about your future with the website. We give training sessions to make sure that you know what to do and how to manage the website. By the end, we will make sure you can manage.

Start to Finish

In about 2 weeks, website will be finished. But the most challenging part of building website is to get the contents done right. We will provide you with a great guidance to how best to prepare for your website building.

Powerful Web Presence

Having a professional looking website is important now more than ever. With Artistweb, you can be confident with web tools you will be using. 



Free 30 minutes consultation is on us! We can meet online and go over what your thoughts and feelings are about the web journey you are about to take. It is okay to feel a little overwhelmed. We will make sure in the end of consultation, you will know exactly what to do.

Easy Payment

It is easy and secure to make a payment. You have no need to worry about how to pay: pay online whenever the project is finished! If you are not satisfied with the service, money-back is guaranteed.

Web Master

Color Scheme, Fonts, Overall Branding decisions to make including Logo design.